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5 Use Cases Where Single Sign-On (SSO) Falls Short

The Username and Password Problem We've all been there. You're trying to log into an account and you can't quite remember the password. Maybe you have too many passwords, or maybe you just haven't used the account in a while. Regardless, it happens to the best of us. But what happens when you're trying to log into a work account and you can't remember the password? It's not quite as simple as resetting your password when it's your personal account. This is where Single sign-on (SSO) comes in. SSO is an authentication method that allows users to authenticate their identity for multiple applications with just one set of credentials. From a security standpoint, SSO is the gold standard. It ensures access without forcing users to remember multiple passwords and can be further secured with MFA. Furthermore, an estimated 61% of attacks stem from stolen credentials. By removing usernames and passwords, the attack surface is reduced as well. SSO helps companies meet strict compliance regulations by not only enabling businesses to secure their accounts, but by helping them demonstrate that they've taken the necessary steps to meet regulatory requirements. While SSO is an important step in securing SaaS apps and their data, having just SSOs in place to secure the SaaS stack in its entirety is not enough. SSO alone won't prevent a threat actor from accessing a SaaS app. It also won't protect SaaS apps that are onboarded without the IT team's knowledge or approval. Organizations need to take additional steps to secure valuable data within their SaaS stack. Here are five use cases where SSO on its own falls short. The Five Use Cases 1. SSO can't prevent a data breach 2. SSO won't stop a malicious insider 3. SSO can't protect against phishing attacks 4. SSO won't secure rogue SaaS apps 5. SSO can't keep up with the pace of change SSO is a great security measure, but it's not foolproof. In order to properly secure your SaaS stack, you need a comprehensive security solution that can address all of these use cases. Adaptive Shield is that solution. Adaptive Shield secures your entire SaaS stack, not just the apps that support SSO. It's the only solution that provides comprehensive visibility, protection, and control over all of your SaaS apps. If you're looking to properly secure your SaaS stack, contact us to learn more about how Adaptive Shield can help.


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