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Browser Security: The Top Threats of 2022

As the primary working interface for many people, browsers play a significant role in the corporate world. They are constantly used by employees to access websites, SaaS applications, and internal applications from both managed and unmanaged devices. However, this convenience has come at a cost. A new report published by LayerX, a browser security vendor, finds that attackers are exploiting this reality and are targeting browsers in increasing numbers.

The report also details the top browser security threats of 2022, which include phishing attacks via high reputation domains, malware distribution via file sharing systems, data leakage exploiting personal browser profiles, outdated browsers, compromised passwords, vulnerable unmanaged devices, high-risk extensions, shadow IT, and account takeovers with phishing credentials. In addition to the stats and analysis of the prominent threats, the report provides a retrospect of the main news stories that left a mark in the world of browser security in 2022. Stories like the first Chrome browser zero-day hack of 2022, the end of Internet Explorer and the infamous Lastpass customer data breach are highlighted.

The report's effectiveness and value are twofold, providing readers with knowledge about a rising new security category, browser security, and driving readers to ask themselves whether they are familiar with the risks and trends in the report and if they have protective measures in place to detect and prevent those threats.


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