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How to Secure Your Business-Critical Applications in a Global Telecom

The telecom industry has always been a tantalizing target for cybercriminals. The combination of interconnected networks, customer data, and sensitive information allows cybercriminals to inflict maximum damage through minimal effort. It's the breaches in telecom companies that tend to have a seismic impact and far-reaching implications — in addition to reputational damage, which can be difficult to measure, telecoms are often at the receiving end of government fines for their cybersecurity and privacy failures. There are few industries in the world that collect as much sensitive data as telecom companies. In recent years, telecom companies have accelerated their digital transformation, shedding legacy systems and reducing costs. These changes, coupled with the need for stronger collaboration with third-party vendors, have led them to SaaS applications to handle their CRM. Today, telecoms are using SaaS apps for billing, HR, call management, field operations management, tracking call center effectiveness, and hundreds of other applications. While these apps facilitate communication and help improve processes, the sheer size of these companies requires extra security precautions to be taken, particularly in the areas of collaboration and identity management. Telecom companies sit on a wealth of data that is incredibly valuable to cybercriminals. In order to protect this data, telecoms need to take extra security precautions, particularly in the areas of collaboration and identity management. Learn how you can secure all your business-critical applications.


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