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Why is Manufacturing the Most Impacted Industry in our Cyber Extortion Dataset?

The Manufacturing sector has been hit particularly hard by cyber extortion, with more incidents than any other sector. This trend has continued in 2023, with the Manufacturing sector making up more than 20% of all victims. Cyber extortion can be a devastating attack for a company, with the potential to leak sensitive data or shut down operations. The Manufacturing sector is particularly vulnerable to these attacks, due to the large number of businesses and the high average revenue. There are a few possible explanations for this vulnerability, including the reliance on outdated technology, the large number of employees, and the high value of the data. However, the most likely explanation is the lack of awareness and preparedness among Manufacturing companies. This lack of awareness allows cyber criminals to take advantage of these companies, and the lack of preparedness makes it difficult for these companies to recover from an attack. The Manufacturing sector needs to take steps to improve their cybersecurity, including awareness and preparedness, to protect themselves from these devastating attacks.


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