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X Updates Privacy Policy to Collect Biometric Data & Tackle Fraud

The renowned digital networking giant previously dubbed 'Twitter' and now known as 'X', declared its intent to adjust its privacy policy. The proposed changes, which should be in place by the 29th of September, 2023, are centered around utilizing users' biometric data. The application of this kind of data will fundamentally mitigate counterfeit accounts and fraud on the platform, thus escalating overall security.

Under the impending guidelines, with user approval, biometric data can be assembled and handled for the purpose of safeguarding, enhancing security and verifying identities. According to details divulged to Bloomberg, who initially caught wind of this adjustment, this application will primarily be accessible for premium service users. X has further insinuated that employing a biometric validation system will be key in combating identity cloning and consequently ramp up the security quotient on its platform.

To facilitate this process, users will be encouraged to share official identification and a photo that can be verified against available biometric data. Nevertheless, there are presently no outlined specifics on the mechanism and duration of data preservation in the system.

Beyond biometric information, the policy update is anticipated to include substratum for the collection of users' professional and academic records. This data will be utilized to showcase pertinent job opportunities, forward users' details to prospective employers, as well as personalize advertising.

This proposition follows hot on the heels of X's recent announcement introducing hiring features. These features enable validated organizations to showcase job openings on their profiles. Moreover, back in May, the company began to extend support for encrypted direct messages. Taking it further, X's CEO, Elon Musk mentioned that users will soon be able to engage in audio and video calls on the platform without divulging phone numbers.

As an additional protective measure, Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) along with Security and Systems Performance Management (SSPM) is being mooted. Together, these technologies are expected to identify and control threats, bolstering the security of your company's SaaS applications and securing data even in the event of a breach.

The policy change goes even deeper. X is considering utilizing collected data to 'train' its machine learning systems or artificial intelligence models. The company clarifies that it will only use public data for this purpose and insists that private information like direct messages will not be scrutinized. For the serious or casually interested, there are a wealth of daily cybersecurity news, insights, and tips available upon free registration.

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